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Written by Kacy Paide, Founder of The Inspired Office

To every thing there is a season. 

One could argue that January is the best time of the year to purge because “out with the old, in with the new.” Or, maybe spring cleaning gets you going. Personally, I find it easiest to declutter in the fall and that might be explained by traditional Chinese medicine. My husband, Nic, is a Chinese Medicine Practitioner and I love hearing him talk about the role the seasons play in our health. His practice teaches us to go with the flow - to eat, move, and act accordingly to the forces of nature. After all, we are a part of nature. 

Fall is the season when nature’s life force begins to return to the earth. Nature sheds. We prepare to hibernate and feel the need to nest. We become more introspective and less reliant on the things around us.  Fall is a time for letting go of old attachments. Yes, this includes the junk in your home and office!  There’s nothing like a crisp fall breeze blowing through the windows to get me reaching for that donations box.  Fall is one of the easiest times of the year to make decisions about what should stay and what should go. Your innate filtering system is very fine right now. Nature is supporting you. Test this for yourself and put it to use it before it passes.

Through a beloved client/friend I learned of another way nature can support us in letting go: aromatherapy.  She was so inspired by our sessions that she wrote a blog post about the process of letting go and in it included her recipe for a “spacious home” essential oil blend. It was concocted just for decluttering! Yes, now you’ve heard of everything, but the first time I smelled it I gasped, “What IS THIS?” It was divine even before I knew she fired it up just for our session. Think lemongrass, cypress, and more. She gives details on how each scent plays a role in letting go.

Cassandra is a travel agent specializing in luxury wellness travel and brings an element of luxury to everything she touches (aromatherapy during decluttering for example!). Check out her decluttering post here, her site here, and Instagram here.

Do you also find the urge to purge this time of year?  What part of your home or office is next in line for a good sort?  Let us know on Facebook or Instagram

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