There’s nothing quite like a summer glow—that perfect inner and outer radiance that comes from plenty of time outdoors, weekend trips and extended vacations, and lots of time spent with friends and family. But, as we enter the fall season, it’s important to start thinking of ways to transition not only wardrobes but skincare regimens as well. 

We had a chat with The Still Point’s lead esthetician (and second-generation Washingtonian) Sarah Morin on how you can bring your summer skin into a new season.

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Summer is the season of sweating—a lot. And, unfortunately for many of us, that means an increase in breakouts and back acne (aptly called 'bacne around here!). Use this post-bathing suit season time to combat both of these unwanted issues with a deep cleansing back facial.

“I suffer from bacne, so right before my wedding, I had a coworker do a back facial treatment, and I didn’t have a single breakout for an entire month,” - Sarah.

With long-sleeve shirts and sweaters entering the wardrobe, there is no better time to take care of bacne, so that by the time summer arrives, you’re confident and clear.

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If you have noticed your skin gets more dry than usual in the fall and winter months, rest assured that you’re not alone. It’s recommended to moisturize year-round but especially in the drier months—from September to March.

Make sure to consult your Still Point esthetician for the best moisturizers for your skin type but, overall, we love layering a facial oil such as TOMA's Bioactive Regenerating Oil under a moisturizer that has hyaluronic acid to keep the oil's essential fatty acids and nutrients in. Try out the Sensing Repair Cream from TOMA to calm and fortify your skin.

Tip: Contrary to popular belief, facial oils do NOT clog pores! And, because beauty is personal and no two faces are alike , remember that you can always come into The Still Point for a custom skincare routine.

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Due to the harsh conditions of the summer, we recommend a deep cleansing and deep exfoliation treatment to encourage cell renewal—essentially, what causes healthy-looking (and feeling) skin. 

“When you get a chemical peel, it’s important to avoid direct sunlight, so the fall and winter season presents a great time for a peel. It’s such a thing that in the industry, we call the fall and winter season ‘peel season’. It’s a game-changer and can completely transform your skin, from wrinkles and hyperpigmentation to acne,”  - Sarah.

We offer deep exfoliation as an add-on to a facial treatment—book this treatment online or give us a call.

Tip: It takes a while to see the effects of cell renewal, so to see the full benefits, you should be getting a peel every four weeks for 3-6 sessions; it takes at least 3 sessions to see a significant difference.

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We love using TOMA Personalized Skin Therapy products, as they are very versatile and approach skin health from a holistic standpoint. These are some of our favorite products:

  • Sensing Repair Cream ($58). “This very nourishing cream is used in the hydrating hand and foot treatment as well as deep exfoliation after-care kits (for both face and neck and chest treatments). After a treatment, we give you a free TOMA sample kit, or you can order one online from their website.”
  • Time Defense Mask ($68). “This mask is great for the same reasons as the deep exfoliation treatment because it has active ingredients in it. After my guests get facials, I recommend they use this mask to maintain the brightening effects of the facial. It’s good for resurfacing enlarged pores and wrinkles, as well as slight exfoliation which is great for cellular turnover. It’s also loaded with antioxidants and helps with breakouts.” Order online on the TOMA website. Tip: Use the mask once a week for a minimum of 10 minutes
  • Exfoliating Cleanser ($38). “This cleanser is great for resurfacing and revitalizing your skin, and it’s very easy to incorporate into your routine if you keep it in the shower—that’s what I do.”
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Skincare is just like following a diet or exercising: it's about finding a routine that works best for you and being consistent in order to see the results you want. 

As Sarah points out, “nobody goes to the gym once a week and gets a six-pack, but if you make the effort, you’ll start to see results.”

Remember, you can always stop by The Still Point to chat with Sarah or any of our other estheticians to put together an individual treatment plan that works best for your skin.


A positive, motivated, results-driven esthetician, Sarah gives her clients a custom service while providing great advice on how to maintain the "glow" from inside out. Although she started out as a make-up artist, she is a two-time graduate of the Von Lee International School of Aesthetics and has been in the industry for over eight years. Sarah is certified in Brazilian and body waxing, brow lamination, lash lifts, and brow and lash tinting. She specializes in waxing, facial lymphatic drainage, and home care prescriptives. Sarah treats guests with a full scope of knowledge about the biological processes in the skin and how it can be affected by genetics, lifestyle, and internal health to help guests achieve their desired skincare goals. "My passion is helping others in their beauty and skincare journey through proper knowledge and home care prescriptives." 


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